Thursday, June 11, 2009


Criminal Cats Cut and Paste sometimes took an hour off for lunch downtown in San Francisco. Today, they'd toss a Fraud Salad. It was their favorite to serve guests.

"Paw me over the Hedgefund Lettuce to start, Cut dear," said Paste Cat.

"Here you are, Paste. Need some Percentage Points? They look wonderful in a tossed dish like this, you know," said Cut.

"What've we got on the table?"

"Uh...6.7%, 4.4%, .09%..."

"Mmmm, okay. Why not? Crunchy. How about we throw in some Oil Futures? No salad's complete without speculation to delight the diner," said Paste.

"We've got Oil, but no Futures," said Cut.

"Oh, wrong table. Okay, let's finish the dish with a little TARP spice and fine Warrant White Wine," said Paste. "Bank Cat loves that flavor."

"Okay. I'll fetch the European Commercial Paper napkins," said Cut.

"Oh, Cut, I don't want those laying around the table while everyone's trying to relax," said Paste.

"Oh, no, no. We'll resell them in Chinatown around 7 a.m.," said Cut. "I know what I'm doing in this kitchen."

by lurene gisee
june 11, 2009
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